Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Angels in the Troutfield

Hakuna Moncada

Sano to Drugs

HR to the Rizzo

Mama Said Tanaka You Out

It's SHO-time.

My Balls Hang Tulo

Dirty Anibal Sanchez

Judgement Day: All Rise

U.R.A. Dickey

Two Wong's Don't Make a Wright

Fielder of Dreams

Springers Dingers!

Lawn Mauers

Get Miggy With It

Louisville Chuggers

Goldschmidt Happens

Melky Discharge

Love Me Ortiz Me

Smell My Colon

Obi Wan Jacoby

Cuban Missiles

SHO Me The Money

Grand Theft Votto

The Chronicles of Reddick

Springer of Pain

Cracker Bo Jacksons

Crazy KlUber Drivers

It Burns When I Peavy

Rusty Trumbone

Everyday I'm Russellin'

Goldschmidt Has Hit The Fan

Andrew Miller Time

Leader of North Correa

Pitches Love The Dickey

Joe Buck Yourself

Spring Training Wheels

Pitch Don't Kill my Tribe

Come Sale Away

Kenny Powers Posse

Smell the Rougned Odor

Roid Raging

Pitch Please

Teheran-asaurus Rex

Fister? I Barely Know Her

Got Melky?

Better Call Paul Goldschmidt

Stinky Buchholz

Son of a Pitch

Funky Cold Molina

Candy Crush Davis

Booze Cruz

Eaton Her Posey

Leave it to Weaver

Sale's Pitch


The Price is Wright

Kershawshank Redemption

Fidel Astros

Duda From Bartolo's Colon

Meet the Matz

Cuckoo for Coco Crisp

Better Safe than Soria

Three Little Puigs

99 problems but a Pitch ain't 1


Bartolo's Cologne

(For Women)

Upton Girl

Bust Her Posey

A Puig Of Their Own

Reverse Cowgill

Buehrle Legal

Crazy Pitch

50 Shades Of Sonny Gray

Me Glove You Long Time

Pocket Full of Posey

Rainbow Trout

Billy Beane is Not My Lover.

Touched By An Angel Pagan

Seager Beaver

Call me Maybin

Lipstick on a Puig

Smells Like Trout

Cole's Hamel Toes

Tits, Clits and Base Hits

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