Two Missionaries Joke

Two missionaries get caught in Africa by a tribe of primitives.
The chief of the tribe says "We've captured you in our land! I shall give you a choice. Death or ugu?"
And the missionaries look at each other and think for a minute and one of them says "Okay, I choose ugu."
And the chief says "Ugu it is!" All of a sudden the entire tribe of primitives gather around the missionary, pick him up, and start fucking him.
They're fucking him in his eyes, in his mouth, and every other hole they can find. They're cuming all over him, he's completely covered with there cum.
They do this for eight hours and then they break and have something to eat. Then they fuck him for another ten hours and then they go to sleep.
When they wake up they fuck him for another five hours and then they drop him to the ground.
Then the chief looks at the other missionary and says "Now it's your choice! Death or ugu?"
And the other missionary says "Uh, I choose death!"
And the chief says "Death it is, but first ugu!"

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