Putting Joke

One day three people are playing golf Moses, Jesus Christ and an older man.
On the final hole Moses prepares and putts the ball, the ball goes straight into the water. All the people oooh!
Moses: "Not to worry." He picks up the stick, he hits it on the ground and the water separates he hits the ball again and it goes straight into the hole ... and the people went crazy.
Jesus Christ gets ready to putt, and sends the ball again to the water, but this time it is floating. Jesus Christ begins to walk through the water and hits the ball and the hole.
Now it's the old man's turn, he hits him and the ball directly into the water, but just before arriving a fish comes out, he eats the ball and before the fish falls into the water a seagull appears and eats the fish. The seagull is struck by lightning, falls to the ground, opens the beak, the ball comes out and sneaks into the hole ...
To which Jesus says:
"Look dad if you want to screw around I won't play."

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