Legality Joke

A lawyer arrives at the pearly gates in the sky and rings the bell, in comes Saint Peter to receive him and he asks: "And who are you?"
I'm a lawyer" the man replied
"Lawyers are not welcome here." says Saint Peter
"And why not if the sky is a public place ... and who are you?"
"I'm the Doorkeeper and Guardian of Heaven replies Saint Peter
Then show me your "Appointment Act" the man says agitated.
Saint Peter hesitates for a moment and goes to ask Jesus:
"Sir, out there is a lawyer who says he can enter heaven because it's a public place."
Jesus approaches the lawyer and says: "Look, no lawyers are welcome here."
The annoying lawyer asks: "And who are you?"
"I am the son of God ..." replies Jesus
"Then show me your birth certificate, to see if it's true."
Jesus turns around and says to Saint Peter:
"Look better we let this lawyer in or he'll ask me for my father's "Marriage Certificate" and then if we're screwed ..."

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