Hunchback of Notre Dame Joke

When the famed Hunchback of Notre Dame passed away, the priest placed an ad in the newspaper for a new bell-ringer.
The next day a man showed up to apply for the job and priest was a bit taken aback as this man had no arms.
The priest explained to him that he didn't see how he could possibly ring the bells with no arms.
But the applicant was insistent that this was his life-long dream and he has a system.
Since it was almost 5:00 PM the priest thought that he would let the guy try it out and then send him away.
The gut gets up to the bell tower with the priest and he runs toward the bell and hits it with his face.
The priest is shocked and asks the applicant if he is OK. he answers he is perfectly fine.
He continues to run toward the bell striking it with his face.
The priest begins to think maybe this will work after all, and truthfully, the bells never sounded better.
The applicant knew he had won the priest over and on his next pass, he misses the bell and fall out of the tower.
The priest runs down to the street and a policeman arrives.
The priest asks the policeman "Do you know his name?"
The policeman says "No, but his face rings a bell".

So the next day, this guy twin brother shows up. Again no arms.
The priest says "No, No, No, this doesn't work".
But the guy is just as persistent as his brother and want to carry on his brothers dream.
So priest again decides to let him try it just to get rid of him. He does just as his brother, hitting the bell with his face.
The priest cautions him with every pass to "be careful". The guy assures the priest he will be careful.
The priest begins to soften his stand, after all, the bells sound just as good as the day before before, and yesterdays instead was probably just a freak accident.
The guy knew the priest was wavering and as he backs up, he steps out the back of the tower falling to his death.
The priest runs down to the street and the same policeman comes up.
The priest looks at the officer and says "Do you know his name?"
"No, but he's a dead ringer for his brother."

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