Music Pick Up Lines

I call my dick Notorious, cause it's B.I.G.

Do you like heavy metal? Cause I can teach you how to scream.

Save a drum, bang a drummer.

Girl you must have swallowed a speaker, cause your beauty is louder than the rest.

I'll beat that ass like a drum and leave you swimming in cum.

Your voice is so a-do-re-ble to mi.

Let's make music on my sheets.

I wanna duet with you.

Do you play the trumpet because you make me horny.

I'm like a musician going to a party, I always make a big entrance and I never cum early.

I might not be Shawn Mendes, but your gonna love it when I call you "Senorita".

I'm French Horny for your tromboner.

I'm a drummer, banging is what we do.

Wanna swap mouth pieces.

You had me at cello.

Let's cut to the chase and duet already.

One night with me and you'll hit all the high notes.

Are you Shakira, cuz those hips don't lie.

I would show you my trumpet, but there would be jazz everywhere.

Do you like Adele? Cause I can tell you like rolling in the D.

How about we do it Lionel Richie style "All Night Long".

My friends call me "Legato", cause I'm so smooth.

How about we go home and study your French composition.

Are you a cellist? Cause I bet you like to do it in a chair with your legs spread wide open.

Just remember girl, "Treble" is my middle name.

If my love for you were music, you would be the most beautiful lyrics of my songbook.

I bet you didn't know that musicians duet better.

Are you on the drumline? Because I want to play with your stick.

You can call me the piano man, cause you'll love the way I tickle your keys.

Do your parents compose classical music, cause baby got Bach.

I believe that Mozart would not be able to make a composition as beautiful as you!

Do you like AC/DC cause I wanna do it all night long.

Girl, you remind me of Jason Derulo, because every-time we meet I want to sing your name!

Your French Horn is giving me a Woodwind.

Man: Girl, I can play you just like my guitar.
Woman: I'd rather have you play me like a harmonica.

I'll be Wiz Khalifa and you can be my joint.

All you need is safe sax, a reed, and me.

How about we get into some Treble and go to Third Bass.

I'll be your can beat me all night long!

I'm lower brass, and as you know, we get down like nobody's business.

Girl if you were a Taylor Swift song, I would put you on repeat and listen to you over and over.

"Let's play a love game, I'll be Alejandro, you can be Lady Gaga and I'll let you take a ride on my disco stick!

I will be a Dixie Chick and you be my cowboy... now take me away!

Girl if you think I'm good at memorizing sheet music, just think about what I can do with your body.

Are you Stacy's mom? Cause you've got it going on.

I can't play the guitar but i'll sure pluck your G String.

Call me Eric Clapton, cause I'll pluck your heart strings.

Ever heard of Metalica? Because you could ride my lightning.

"Bae, you make Rita Ora look like a teletubbie."

How about we Duet all night long.

My favorite singer is Mick Jagger. He can't get no satisfaction and neither can I. Want to help me change that?

"Baby girl, your like Katy Perry's single "California Gurls" (Why's that?) Cause I just can't get you out of my head!

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