The Top 10 Signs Your Significant Other is a Day Trader Joke

10) Makes plans to take you to dinner at either the Plaza or Burger
King, depending on whether Bill Gates testifies that day.

09) In bed, never wants to hold a position for longer than a few

08) Leaps off high-rise with his laptop, makes $5,000 on way down.

07) When you ask if your butt looks big in these pants he says,
"Sorry, I can't say. I have insider information."

06) Doesn't seem to notice he's been wearing the same robe and
underwear for about a week now.

05) Looks nervous every time you mention the kids' college fund.

04) Dinner last night: Duck a l'orange, caviar, creme brulee.
Dinner tonight: Gruel.

03) Helps your kid make a sign: "LEMONADE: 1 7/16"

02) 12:41pm: Offers to trade some of his French fries for some of
your onion rings.
12:47pm: Offers a few of the onion rings back to recoup lost
French fry capital.

and the Number 1 Sign Your Significant Other is a Day Trader...

01) She ainít yelling "Yahoo!" because of you, Big Guy.

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