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Q: Why does a pilgrim's pants always fall down?
A: Because they wear their belt buckle on their hat.

Q: What's the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver?
A: A bad golfer goes, WHACK! "Damn" A bad skydiver goes,"Damn." WHACK!.

Q: Why did God make only one Yogi Bear?
A: Because when he tried to make a second one he made a Boo-Boo

Q: What's Black and Brown and looks good on a lawyer?
A: A Doberman.

Q: How many divorced men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None, the sockets go with the house.

Q: What do you call a man with a car on his head?
A: Jack

Q: How do you catch a unique rabbit?
A: Unique up on it!

Q: how do you catch a tame rabbit?
A: Tame way, unique up on it!

Q: What do you call a boomerang that won't come back?
A: A stick

Q: How is a lawyer different from a hooker?
A: There are some things a hooker just won't do.

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