The Worst Death Joke

3 men who all died on the same day were at the
entrance to heaven when god announced that only 1 of
the men will make it in.
The criteria was that the person who died the worst
death will make it in.

God asks the first man how he died he replies

Well for the last 3 weeks I have suspected that my
wife has been cheating on me so I came home early to
catch her in the act.
When I arrive home I hear the shower running so I
search the house for him. I check every room so
eventually I go out on to the verandah, then I see him
hanging on the ledge by his fingers so I jump up and
down on his hands he still holds on. So I get the
hammer and slam his fingers he let's go and falls.
he survives so I get the fridge (which weighs a ton)
and lob it over the edge crushing him
I felt so bad that I killed him I got my gun and shot
myself. That is how I died

The second man explains his story  
well it was the afternoon and I was doing my exercises
of my verandah on the 12 floor. When I slipped and
fell off the balcony, luckily I only fell 3 floors and
managed to grab the railing on that balcony I was
hanging on for grim death when some idiot started
jumping on my fingers I clung on so the fool gets a
hammer and bashes my fingers until the bones break so
I fell. I could not believe my luck when I landed  in
a bush surviving the fall the last thing I remember is
this fridge hurtling at me.
That is how I died.

The 3rd man explains how he died
Picture this...............I'm hiding naked in a

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