Horny Indian Joke

One very hot dry day, a local cowboy visited the reservation.
He went there from time to time to mingle with the Indians.
There was this one Indian that the cowboy has become friends with.
This Indian from pretty much a loner from all the other tribe.
He was all alone, his parents got killed in battle, an he had no squaw that he claimed as his own.

This cowboy felt sorry for the lonely Indian.
He told him that he could help him overcome being so lonely.
But, he would have to go into the nearby town.
Told him to go into the town saloon and walk up to the bar.
There would be a lady standing behind the bar.
Tell her that you want a woman, she will take care of you.
I will tell her to be expecting you.

Next day the Indian went into town and walked up to the bar in the saloon.
The Indian began this conversation with the lady.

Indian: Me want a woman.
Lady: How much money do you have?
Indian: What is money!
Lady: It is something that you must have to spend time with one of my girls.

She explained to the Indian what money was. So the Indian left and told her that he would return. A couple of days pasted and the Indian returned. He approached the bar.

Indian: Me want a woman.
Lady: Did you get you any money?
Indian: Yea, me got plenty of money.
Lady: Do you have any experience with a woman?
Indian: What you mean by experience?
Lady: You have to be experienced to spend time with my girls.

The Lady explained to the Indian how he could get his experience.

Lady: You go to the mountains and find a big tree. Make sure it is one that has a knot hole in it.
You will be able to get all the experience you wish.
Then when you feel that you have all the experience that you can get.
You can come back here and I will have one of my girls take care of your needs.

The Indian left the town and went up into the mountains.
One week passed by before the Indian returned.
The next week the Indian returned to the saloon.
He was very angry and very aggressive with the lady behind the counter.

Indian: Me want a woman, an me want woman right now!
Lady: Have you gotten any experience since you were here last?
Indian: Me got all kinds of experience, an a bag full of money. Me want woman now.

Lady: All right! Follow me to the top of the stairs.

The Indian followed her to the top of the steps to a door.
He opened the door and there stood the most lovely woman he had ever seen.
He closed the door behind him and walked up to the woman.
She asked, "What would you like for me to do?" The woman began removing all of her clothes also the Indian.
The Indian asked, "Turn around and bend-em over and touch your toes."
She liked that ideal, so she turned around and bent over like the Indian ask.
The Indian stepped up behind the woman and pulled back his leg and kicked her in the ass.
The woman jumped up in surprise. She ask the Indian, "What in the hell did you have to do that for?"
The Indian looked at the woman and replied,
"me checking for bees in that knot hole."

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