Custer's Last Stand Joke

An eccentric billionaire wanted a mural painted on his library wall so he called an artist.
Describing what he wanted, the billionaire said,
"I am a history buff and I would like your interpretation of the last thing that
went through Custer's mind before he died.
I am going out of town on business for a week and when I return I expect to see it completed."

Upon his return, the billionaire went to the library to examine the finished work.
To his surprise, he found a painting of a cow with a halo.
Surrounding this were hundreds of Indians in various sexual positions.
Furious, he called the artist in. "What the hell is this?" screamed the billionaire.
"Why that's exactly what you asked for" said the artist smugly.
"No, I didn't ask for a mural of pornographic filth. I asked for an interpretation of Custer's last thoughts"

"And there you have it" said the artist. "I call it, 'Holy cow, look at all those fucking Indians'

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