Cloud Jokes

Short Cloud Jokes

Q: What cloud is so lazy because it will not get up?
A: Fog.

Q: Why don't meteorologists like to dine out on the moon?
A: The moon has no atmosphere.

Q: Where do clouds go to the bathroom?
A: Anywhere they want

Q: What did one raindrop say to the other?
A: Two's company, three's a cloud

Q: How can you wrap a cloud?
A: with a rainbow.

Q: What is a clouds favorite drink?
A: Mountain Dew

Q: What is it called when a high pressure goes on vacation?
A: A Hiatus

Q: What do clouds want to be when they grow up?
A: Thunderstorms

Q: When is Monday coming?
A: MonSoon!

Q: What type of humor does a dust storm have?
A: A very dry sense of humor.

Q: What do you call a sheep with no legs?
A: A cloud.

Q: What did the rain cloud where under his rain coat?
A: Thunder wear!

I tried to catch some fog earlier. I mist.

Q: What happens when the smog lifts over Los Angeles?

Why are you being so Cirrus?

We need a stratusgy

I'm cumulus

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