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Short Ebay Jokes

Q: Whats the difference between ebay and a cactus?
A: On a cactus the pricks are on the outside.

Q: How do you know Shannon Price (Gary Goleman's black widow) is being insensitive?
A: After announcing she is going to auction off his body parts and sell his gold teeth, eyeballs, and clothing on eBay!

Q: Why shouldn't you pay $25000 for an auction promising a dinner with Sarah Palin?
A: Because for a couple of joints, a six pack and some Pampers, you could bang her daughter Bristol!

Q: How does Meg Whitman (former CEO of Ebay) plan to solve California's budget crisis?
A: By putting the city of San Diego up for sale on Ebay!

Q: Why did Megan Fox buy Brian Austin Green a car from Ebay?
A: She was originally searching for another 15 minutes of fame!

Q: How do you know that you've been taken by a Fonzie scheme?
A: Your "Happy Days" memorabilia from eBay never arrives!

Q: How is Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich planning to find a replacement to fill Barack Obama's Senate seat?
A: "A Buy-It-Now auction on ebay!"

Q: What did Amy Winehouse do after winning 5 grammy awards in one night?
A: Put them up for sale on Ebay to buy crack!

Q: What's the difference between being shot by Hitler and being shot by Meg Whitman?
A: Meg will bill you for the bullet

E.B.A.Y. = Excellent Bargains All Yearlong

Watch what you buy on ebay...be careful you check out the sellers..I sent $95 for a.penis enlarger ...basturds sent me a magnifing glass

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