Wooden Eye Joke

A man was involved in a terrible car accident. Because of the accident he
lost one of his eyes. The doctor explained to him that he could get a fake
eye to replace the real one. So the man agrees and chooses the least
expensive. A wooden eye.  
Some months pass and the mans friends come over to visit him. They are very
worried because he has not been out of the house for months. They tell him
that there is a party at another friends house that night. The man finally
agrees to go.
When they get there people are dancing and having a good time. The man finds
a seat in the corner and remains there. The friends find the man again and
tell him he needs to get up and dance. Then from across the room a women
appears. She is looking at the man sitting in the corner. The mans friends
point her out. So he walks over to her to ask her to dance. As he gets closer
he realizes she has a hair lip. He thinks to himself , what a pair we would
make. My wooden eye and her hair lip.   The man walked up to the women and
asked if she would like to dance?   And her replay is would I , would I. He
points back at her and says hair lip, hair lip.

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