The Medicine Joke

A Woman Goes To Her Doctor And Says My Old Man Won't Fuck Me No More.
The Doc Says Here Drop One Of These In His Drink Before He Goes To Bed
And He'll Surely Fuck You. That Night The Woman Drops One In His Drink And
The Man Says You Know Honey I'm Feeling A Little Anxious,
What Do You Say We Go Upstairs And Fuck.
Sex Was The Best She Had In A Long Time.
The Next Day The Man Was At Work And The Woman Was Thinking About
How Great The Night Before Was, And What Would Happen If I Put 2 Of Them In His Drink.
So She Did, The Man Came Home Drank His Drink,
Grabbed Her And Sex Was Better Than The Night Before.
The Third Day She Said Fuck It I Want It All!!
And She Dumped The Whole Bottle In His Drink.
About That Time The Doc Came By To See How Everything Was Going,
And There Was A Little Boy Out Front Crying.
The Doc Leaned Over And Patted The Boy On The Head And Said. What's Wrong?
And The Little Boy Said..

My Mom Is Dead!!
My Aunts Pregnant!
My Ass Is Sore!
And My Dads In The Back Saying Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!!!!!!!!!

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