There is this really old guy, like 80 years old. He
comes into a hospital
and says: "I Wanna donate some sperm." So the nurse
gives him a jar and
tells him to come back tomorrow with the sperm. The
next day, he came back
but the jar was empty. So, the nurse asks "What
happened? Where's the
sperm?" Well, he replies: "I went home and I tried
so hard! I used my right
hand and then my left hand. Then my wife tried! She
used her right hand and
then she tried her left hand! Then she used her
mouth, once using her teeth
and once without. Then we asked our neighbor to come
over and she tried with
her left hand and then her right hand! then she
tried with her mouth, once
with her teeth and once without."
The nurse gasps.. "Oh dear! You even asked your
The man says... "Yeah..and we still couldn't get the
jar open!

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