Some answers to the Mess in Florida Joke

Coca Cola announced today that, starting immediately, all cans of soda
destined for Palm Beach County, Florida will be clearly stamped on the

The Florida Department of Transportation has finally come up with a reason
for all the intersection accidents in Palm Beach County, Florida. No one
knows what the arrows mean!

  Newly released statistic: 87% of the 'blue hairs' in Palm Beach County,
Florida used to be blondes.

  A recount has been ordered of all bingo card winnings over the past five
years in Palm Beach County, Florida.

  It was a simple mistake in Palm Beach County, Florida. After all, the
'Gore and Buchanan' look almost exactly alike when printed out.

  There is already a book out called "Voting For Dummies". In order for it
sell in Palm Beach County, Florida, they'll have to first teach most of the
people to read.

  Everyone in Palm Beach County, Florida Believes in the Ten Commandments
78% of them also believe you can choose five of them.

  Doctor's have discovered the problem with Palm Beach County, Florida
voters. 68% of them are dyslexic. They thought the word "vote" was "veto".

  The problem with the ballot in Palm Beach County, Florida stems from the
fact that it is largely a retirement area. 77% of the retirees use to be
lawyers. That's the segment who asked for another chance to vote...they
thought they were filing an appeal.

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