A Golfer's nightmare Joke

One day Steve and his wife, Sorrell were out playing golf. Everything
was going fairly well for Steve until the 7th hole. He sliced his tee
shot a mile to the right so he and his wife had to go looking for the
ball. Eventually they came across a shed with the door slightly ajar,
and surprisingly enough the golf ball was slap bang in the centre of
the floor. And so, not wanting to drop a shot, Steve decided to play
on instead of taking a penalty by dropping the ball. Sorrell,
noticing that if Steve played a good shot he could get his ball on
the green, offered to hold the door open while her husband played
the shot. After a lengthy period of sizing up his shot, Steve hit
the ball, but struck his wife in the temple with it. She slumped
down dead, instantly. Another 5 years later, Steve found himself on
the same golf course, on the same hole, this time with his friend,
Jim. So, coincidently, Steve's tee shot took the exact same path as
it did 5 years ago, and the ball found itself, again, slap bang in
the centre of the shed. As Steve thought seriously what to do with
his shot, Jim offered to hold the door of the shed open so he could
take his shot. But with a look of shock on his face, Steve replied
instantly, "Hell No!!! The last time I tried that it took me 7 shots
to get on the green."

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