Egyptian Prisoner Of War Joke

There was an Egyptian prisoner of war, and he was about ready to get out of prison after many years.
The Pharaoh agreed that if the man could pass 3 trials, he would set him free.
The Pharaoh and his guards led the man to 3 doors.
"You have one whole night to drink all of the barrels of rum in this room," the Pharaoh said.
They locked him in there. The next morning, he came out drunker than a skunk.
The Pharaoh said, "Alright," and lead him to the second door. "No one's ever passed this test so I'll tell you what you'd get to do after this. In this room, there's a lion with a toothache. You have to pull its tooth out. In the next room, you have to please a princess because she's never been pleased before," the Pharaoh stated.
"All -hic- right I can only do one -HIC- thing at a time," the drunk prisoner said.
They locked him in the room with the lion. There was cussing and screaming and hollering and yelling and then... Silence... Dead quiet... "Alright," the Pharaoh said, bring his body out."
The guards unlocked the door and the drunken prisoner limped out and said, "Alright, where's that lion with the toothache?"

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