Asian Parents Jokes

Why you get C? Your not C-sian or B-sian your Asian.

No more Honey! Honey comes from B's.

You Sick? Become doctor heal yourself.

ASIANS with no A's ......SIN

You allergic to Bees......GOOD!

You only score 4 on AP test. I 4get I have child.

B+ on your blood test? Failure runs through your veins.

Facebook? Why don't you Face Book and study.

Now that you have a Harvard can go play with your friends in the NBA.

An A- is an A minus my love for you

You want to be Jedi Master? Why no Jedi Doctor?

Why you drop F-bomb...Drop A-bomb instead

No son you can't learn Spanish, All they say is "C"

You forget to study....I forget to feed you.

Daylight savings time, you gain extra hour for homework.

Calculator? Why not CalcuNow!

You have small boobs because only A's are acceptable.

You finish all your homework? Do IT AGAIN!

You cure Cancer? What about AIDS?

You want to play sports? Fine be Mathlete.

"To be or not to be" is not a question. Two A or you not my son.

Love don't last forever unless he's a doctor or a lawyer.

Yo have 99 problems and you must finish each one.

All I want for you is to be happy...and a Doctor.

Be like Fonzie, He say AAAA.

B Plus? B Homeless

You have Sex? Why not use A-hole.

You get 94 percent on test Good Job. If you were trying to disappoint me.

Occupy Wall Street? Why not Occupy Library?

You get a C on Driving Test, I am so proud.

Your sister get B on math test. Congratulations you only child.

You smartest kid in school, you go to better school.

It's Saturday Night why aren't you studying?

You get C-Section why not A-bortion.

If you want a girlfriend make sure her parents are lawyers or doctors.

Son: "To Be or not To Be"
Father: You get two B's and you out of house!

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