Italian Father Joke

An Italian family is at the dinner table when the father says to his oldest son,
"Tony! Why you-a such a fat-a-fuck?"

Tony says, "Poppa, it's-a Mama's spaghetti! I can't-a stop-a eating it."

Poppa says, "You should-a take-a smaller bites!"

Then Poppa says to his middle son, "Michael! Why you-a such a fat-a fuck?"

Michael says, "Poppa, it's-a Mama's lasagna. I can't-a stop-a eating it, it's-a
so good."

Poppa says, "You should-a also take-a smaller bites."

Then Poppa says to his youngest son, "Fredo! How you-a stay so slim-a and-a

Fredo says, "It's-a so easy, Poppa. I eat-a lots and lots of-a pussy."

Poppa says, "Pussy? Pussy, that's-a taste like shit!"

Fredo says, "Poppa, You should-a take-a smaller bites!"

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