Four Indian chiefs went into a restaurant for a bite.   The
maitre d' asked,  "Do you have a reservation?"
        One Indian chief answered, "Certainly.   In Arizona!"

A tourist stopped off at a small railroad station where, sitting
by the side of the tracks, there were Indians selling their wares.  The
tourist saw a blanket he liked very much, and was told that the price
was a hundred dollars.  The tourist offered fifty.  The Indian said,
"Price is one hundred.  Bargains like Manhattan you no get anymore!"

An Indian came to New York for the first time and checked into a
hotel.  Tired from a long bus ride, he went right to his room.   On the
bed was a blanket.  The Indian picked it up and walked down to the
lobby.  Putting the blanket on the check-in-counter, he told the clerk,
"Last man in room leave overcoat!"

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