Gorbachev Joke

Gorbachev came to one Siberian village. The only one he saw there was old,
very old man. He asked this old man, where all the people were. Old man
answered that all of them are it taiga. Gorbachev asked him to call people
back, because he wants to talk to common people. Old man took his gun and
fired into air. In a half of an hour several men appeared and asked old
"what's the matter, did somebody brought vodka"
"No, Gorbachev came". All men , disappointed, go back to taiga. But Gorby
was not satisfied with this and asks old man to fire again. He did it and
again, in a half of an hour, several man appeared
"What's happening, did somebody brought vodka?"
"no, Gorbachev came"
"Did you missed the first time?"

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