Are You A Ghetto Romantic Negro? Joke

1. Do you offer to buy a sack of weed rather than a bouquet of flowers?
2. Are Boone's Farm, Wild Irish Rose and Cisco the only bottles of wine that you are familiar with ?
3. Do you consider renting a movie and a 6-pack of  Heineken a romantic date?
4. Do you brag about what you can do sexually ?
5. Do you leave your socks and/or shirt on while making love ?
6. Do you make love while listening to 2Pac, Little Kim or Master P ?
7. Do you look at your pager and/or Answer your cell phone while you are making love?
8. Do you jump up and put on your clothes immediately after having sex?
9. Do you call and/or receive calls from other women/men while your partner is there?

And last but not least......
10. Do you and your partner go "away" for the weekend to the Super 8 motel,
       five minutes from your house ?

If you answer "yes" to any one of these questions, you are a ghetto romantic Negro!!!!!!!!

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