Airplane Trouble Joke

There was a black man and his son on a transatlantic flight when the pilot came
on the PA and told the passengers that unless they offloaded some weight they
would not make it.
The pilot advised that he was dumping all the luggage and cargo. 
Shortly after that the pilot came back on and said that this was not enough and
that people would have to jump to there death to save all the other passengers.
After no one volunteered he stated that they would start alphabetically by race
starting with the A's.
The pilot said, "All the African Americans must get off the plane!" The boy
stood up and his father pulled him back to his seat and said, "Sit down!"
Next the pilot came on the PA and said, "all the blacks need to get off the
plane!"  Again the boy stood up and the father pulled him back once again and
said, "Not yet boy!"
"Now all the colored people!", said the pilot and once again the boy got up and
again his father pulled him back in his seat. The boy finally said, "Dad how
come we are not jumping from the plane the pilot called us three times?" The
father said, "He has not called us. Today we are Niggers and that is right
after the Mexicans!"

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