Wife and Dog Joke

One weekend a man asks his wife if she would like to fishing
"No" She replies "Im watching TV"
"Ok" he says "I will take the dog"
The following weekend he asks her the same
"No" She replies "Im watching Eastenders on TV"
"Ok" he says "I will take the dog"
This goes on for a few weeks until one day he gets pissed off.
"Look you can either come fishing, give me a blow job or take it up the arse" he shouts
She thinks for a moment and decides to give him a BJ. He then takes the dog fishing.
This goes on for many weeks. " Fishing, blowjob or up the arse?"
to which she always chooses blowjob and he always ends up taking his poor dog fishing.
One weekend she goes down to blow him. " FUCKING HELL WHATS THAT SHITTY SMELL???" she screams
" Oh the dog didnt want to come fishing this weekend " he replies

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