Top of the Mountain Joke

There were three guys, Bill, John and Gary. They traveled all the way to the top of a mountain because there was a rumor of an old legend that if you climbed to the top of this one mountain you could jump off and have any wish you would like. So when they finally reached the top John said to Bill:

"Ummm...hey you know you were the one who made this possible so whay don't you go first? heh heh" he said because he didn't think it would work. "No thats okay you can go first John" Bill said pushing John off the side of a mountain.

"AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!"John yelled.
"Quick make a wish Johnny-Boy!" Gary yelled out.
"I-...I WISH I WAS AN EAGLE!" John screamed as he suprisingly turned into an eagle before their eyes. "YEAH!!! I'm an eagle! awsome...ummmmm...okay uh now how do you fly this thing?" he asked himself as he flew into a wall. The other two started to laugh.

"Okay my turn!"Gary said. "hmmmmm..." He jumped off and said "I wish I could be a bat he said as he started to look at the sun. "Aaghh I'm blind! I'm blind!"

"Stupid..."Bill said laughing. "Okay..." He started to ponder when he slipped and fell off the side of the mountain. "OH CRAP!!!" When he landed, he turned into a pile of crap.

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