This Could Be Heaven Joke

One day two single friends, Derek and Chris, were clubbing and grabbing digits left and right.
Chris ended up getting blasted, but insisted on drinking and driving and they flew over a curve and both of them died.
Derek went to heaven and Chris went to hell.
Well, Derek has seen all of heaven and wants to see his buddy Chris in hell.
So Derek asks God if he can go to hell and check on his buddy Chris.
God allows Derek to go down to hell and find Chris
To his amazement Chris isn't being tortured but has a beautiful girl on his lap and a beer in his hand.
Derek, furious, doesn't even talk to his friend instead he heads straight to heaven and asks God, "How come Chris has this beautiful woman and cold beer to drink and I haven't got any of that?".
"Well",God says, "The beer has got a hole in it and the woman doesn't!"

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