Nuns in Heaven Joke

One eventful day 3 nuns were driving in a car when the car spun out of control crashing and killing all of them.
They went up to heaven and as they were waiting outside the gates into heaven st. peter appeared.
"Before I let you in you all have to answer 1 question for me" he said.
He turns to the first nun and says "Who were the two first people on the earth created by god?"
The nun responded by saying "adam and eve".
St. peter acccepted her answer and let her into heaven.
He then turns to the second nun and says "Where did adam and eve live? ".
The nun responded by saying " The garden of eden ".
St. peter accepted this answer as well and let this nun into heaven
He then turns to the last nun and says " this question is a little bit more difficult. What was the first thing that eve said to adam?"
The nun stood there and thought about this question for a while.
Not knowing what the answer is she goes " Thats a hard one ".
St. peter says "correct " and lets her into heaven.

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