J F Harder Joke

One day there was this boy named Johnny fucker harder.
You see his his dad's last name is fucker, and his mom's is harder.
His dad was a police cheif and his mom the principal.
Anyways he stayed after when the kids went out for recess.
Closed all the blinds. he told his teacher, miss begay, to take off her clothes.
She said no , and he responded i'll tell my mom to fire you and my dad to arrest you.
So she did it. He told her to get on the table and said the same thing so she did.
Then the parents came and didn't see johnny outside, so they checked the classroom windows.
There was an open window and they seen their son having sex.
So the mom yelled "johnny," the dad yelled "fucker," and mom yelled "harder."
The boy said "I'm trying dad i'm trying."

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