Good Samaritan Joke

A good Samaritan is cleaning a church, the arch bishop runs in and asks desperately to speak to the priest there. The Samaritan runs over to find the priest who is in the confessional booths. The priest tells him, "listen don't tell any body I let you do this, but just sit in the booth there is a list of all the sins and their penance on the side of the wall…" the priest leaves the man to sit in the booth. Eventually a young woman comes in
She says "Forgive me father for I have sinned it has been 5 months since my last confession."
The man says "go on my child"
"well my first sin is impure thoughts about another man"
The man looks at the paper and says "say 5 our fathers"
"My second sin is intercourse with a man not my husband."
"Say 6 hail marys"
"My third sin is anal sex"
The man looks at the sheet but cant find the penance for anal sex in a panic he runs out of the booth to find the priest but bumps in to an alter boy first and stricken he asks "QUICK, TELL ME WHAT THE PRIEST GIVES YOU FOR ANAL SEX!?"
the alter boy responds "Milk and cookies."

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