Fruit Farmer Joke

Two guys driving and there car breaks
So they got to a fruit farmer and say "Fruit farmer do you have a place for us to stay tonight"
The fruit farmer replies "Sure you can stay upstairs with my daughter just no sleeping with her"

Unfortunately his daughter was a knock out so the two guys screwed the hell out of her
The next day the fruit farmer says since you disobeyed me i want each of you to go out in my fields and pick a hundred pieces of your favorite fruit.
Relieved, the two guys said I thought he would be pissed
So the two guys set out to pick there fruit

The first guy comes back with a hundred cherries.
To his surprise he finds himself staring at a double-barrelled shotgun
And the fruit farmer says "Now shove them all up you ass"

Well the guy gets to 25 and he starts giggling,
He gets to 50 and he starts laughing,
Finally gets to a hundred and he is laughing so hard pees a small stream down the inside of his trousers
Not amused the fruit farmer yells "What the hell so goddamn funny?"
The guy replies "I'm just laughing at my buddy because he is picking watermelons"

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