A Texan enters a restaurant and while sitting at his table, notices a gorgeous
woman sitting at another table, alone. He calls the waiter over and asks for
the most expensive bottle of champagne to be sent over to her knowing that if
she accepts it, she is his.   

The waiter gets the bottle and quickly sends it over to the girl, saying this
is from the gentleman. She looks at the champagne and decides to send a note
with the bottle back over to the Texan.

The note read: "For me to accept this bottle, you need to have a Mercedes in
your garage, $1M in the bank, and 7 inches in your pants."  

WELL, the Texan, after reading this note, sends one of his own back to her and
it read: "Just so you know I happen to have TWO Mercedes in my garage, I have
over $2M in the bank, but not even for YOU, would I cut off 2 inches! Sorry,

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