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Chili Joke

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Well, this here story goes something like this.
Ya see, there was this trucker,and he was on a run on day,and stopped into
this diner for a bite to eat.
Well, he sits down at the counter, and the waitress comes over hands him a
menu and a glass of water, and says "What'll ya have?"
Well, the trucker says," Ya got any chili?"
The waitress says, "No, I just sold my last bowl to the guy sitting next to
So, the trucker looks over at the guy next to him, and notices that he looks
like he's
mostly finished with his meal 'cept for the bowl of chili sitting there on
the counter.
So, the trucker asks the guy, "Hey, are you gonna eat that?" To which the man
replied, "Naw, you go right ahead." So, the trucker starts eating the
chili, which tasted mighty good to him.
Well, he got about halfway through with it, and sees a dead mouse laying at
the bottom of the bowl.
Right back into the bowl!!
The guy next to him says," Yep, that's about as far as I got with it  too!"
By: J. Nelson

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