A guy is strolling along a sandy beach one day when he comes across
a very old bottle. He's just dusting it off when two rather tired looking
genies pop out "Two genies!" he exclaims. "That must mean six wishes!"
"Sorry, buddy, it's three or nuthin'," say the genies, "and hurry up".
The guy makes his three wishes and races off home to see if they've
been granted. He gets home and runs into his bedroom, where he finds
the most gorgeous girl he has ever seen waiting for him.
After hours of mad, passionate sex, he stumbles out of bed and
walks into the living room where he is knee deep in $1000 bills.
The guy can hardly believe his luck.
Just then there is a knock at the door. He rushes over to open it,
when two hooded KKK members throw a rope around his neck and string
him up naked until he is dead.
The two then take off their white hoods to reveal that
they are, in fact, the two genies, both looking rather puzzled.
The first genie turns to the second and says, "I can understand the
beautiful woman and all the money in the world,
by why on earth would you want to be
hung like a black man?"

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