Empire State Building

One day, an engineer died and went to heaven. But, St. Peter said
"I can't let you in because your name is not on the list."
So the engineer went down to Hell and was let in.
Well, he stayed there for a couple of days and then decided that,
it was too hot and everything was inaccessible.
So he built flushing toilets, air conditioning, running water and a lot of other things.
One day God calls down and says to Satan,
"So Satan, how's it down there in hell?? " and Satan says:
"Well,  it's great, I've got an engineer down here and he has build air conditioning,
running water, flushing toilets, and I don't know what else, he's gonna build next.
Then God asks, "You've got an engineer down there?"
"That's a big mistake, send him up here right now!" and Satan replies,
"No way this is the best thing that's ever happened to hell." and God says,
"send him up or I'll sue!!" and Satan says smirking,

"Now just where are you gonna get a lawyer??"

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