Miley Cyrus Jokes

Miley Cyrus is releasing a new fragrance called "Twerk", its just Billy Ray's tears in a bottle

Q: Why did Miley Cyrus end her engagement to Liam Hemsworth?
A: They couldn't twerk it out...

Miley was Hannah Montana when Bush was president. Thanks, Obama.

Q: Why did Miley recently change her name from "Destiny Hope Cyrus" to "Miley Ray Cyrus"??
A: Ray was easier for her to spell!

Q: When Billy Ray Cyrus was asked about his daughter's recent name change what did he reply?
A: Miley... who?

Q: The day after Miley changed her name, Her Father Billy Ray Cyrus decided to change his name in a Nasheville court Billy Cougar Melloncamp
A: When asked why the change his answer: "I've got my OWN career to think about!"

Q: What has 22,000 arms, 22,000 legs and 11,000 heads and a IQ of 12?
A: 11,000 fans at a Miley Cyrus Concert.

Q: Why did Miley Cyrus drink a bottle of ketchup on the tonight show with Jay Leno?
A: She wanted all of America to know that all white, southern, country music fans were as stupid and redneck and inbread as we're already rumored to be.

Q: Why did Dolly Parton state in recent People magzine "And I think that Miley's gonna have a big career after that show is off the air," Parton continues. "I know I'm partial, because she's my goddaughter"
A: Someone had a gun pointed at her head!

Q: What's pink and a mile long?
A: Miley Cyrus' tongue.

Q: What's the difference between an Orion woman (from Star Trek) and Miley Cyrus?
A: Miley Cyrus is the bigger slut and looks less human.

Q: Why did Miley Cyrus bring Hicking Boots, Ropes, Crampons and a harness to Disneyland?
A: She heard they were going up on Space Mountain.

Q: Why did Miley Cyrus become a teacher?
A: So she could give out home-twerk.

Q: What does Miley Cyrus think the Capital of Hawaii is?
A: H!

What does Miley Cyrus eat during the holidays?

Q: When Miley Cyrus finish her memoirs?
A: After she learns how to read and write.

What did miley cyrus say to billy ray cyrus?
Man dad we have so many problems that we cant twerk them out.

Looks like it didn't twerk out between Miley Cyrus and Liam hemsworth

So Miley Cyrus entered a rehab treatment facility last week but was told that she could not be admitted because they didnt think it would "twerk" out

Your mama so fat, when she twerk, she became a wrecking ball.

Spa Shower
Miley Cyrus and her friends were showering together at a Spa.
A friend asked Miley "How come you dont have any hairs on your pussy"
Miley replied, "Have you ever seen grass grow on a busy road?"

Miley Cyrus goes to her church after the VMAs to confess her sins to the priest. "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."
"Tell all of your sins, my daughter."
"Oh, Father, last night I twerked a married man on live TV," Miley says.
The priest thinks about this long and hard and says, "Take seven lemons and squeeze the juice into a tall glass and drink it."
"Will this cleanse my soul of my sins?" Miley replies.
"No," the priest says, "But it'll wipe that smile off your face!"

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