Michael Vick Jokes

Q: Why do all dogs go to Heaven?
A: Because Michael Vick is in Hell!!!!!!!!

Q; Why is Hilary Clinton impressed with Michael Vick?
A: Because he went through more dogs than Bill Clinton!

Q: Why did the Athiest League Of Atlanta revoke Michael Vick's membership for being dyslexic?
A: Because DOG is GOD spelled backwards?

Q: What do you get when you cross Michael Vick with a dress shoe?
A: Hush Puppies!

Q: Who would win in a fight between Michael Vick and a pitbull?
A: The pitbull thats why Michael Vick shoots them!

Q: Why isn't Michael Vick allowed at skeet shooting ranges?
A: Because he likes playing fetch!

Why did Michael Vick develop an elaborate dogfighting ring?
A1: I was smoking pot and ......uhhhhhhhh...
A1: He was training the dogs to ... ummmmmmm ... get Osama
A2: The Steroids made him all crazy"
A3: The house came with a dogfighting pit

Q: Which shoe company recently signed Michael Vick to an endorsement deal?
A: Hush Puppies!

A: not michael vick!

Q: What Does Michael Vick Call "Leona Helmsley" $12 million tiny white Maltese?
A: An Appetizer

Q: What do Bob Barker and Michael Vick have in common?
A: They both do their part to control the pet population!

Q: Why did the University of Georgia hire Michael Vick as an assistant coach?
A: Because they needed help training their Dawgs!

Q: What is Michael Vick's latest excuse?
A: The bitch set me up!

Q: Why is Louis Farrakhan disappointed in Michael Vick?
A: Because this is another instance of black on black crime!

Q: Whats worse than being a dog in a animal shelter?
A: Being adopted by Michael Vick!

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