Hunger Games Jokes

Whenever I hear a good song I say
"Where's Peeta cause this is my jam."

To Panemaniacs,
Stop with all the bread jokes.
I don't love bread, I loaf it

What does RIP stand for in district 11?
Rue Is Perfect.

Why is Effie Trinkets hair so big?
Its full of secrets.

What does the Capitol sing during the holidays?
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

If Peeta were a ginger, would he be called the gingerbread man?

"Life is like a loaf of bread, Peeta, you never know which district it'll be from."
Mama Mellark

After Katniss found me almost dead
Things got toasty

Did you hear about the Adele song about Katniss Everdeen?

When life hands you lemons, trade them for BREAD
Peeta Mellark

Katniss: Where's Finnick?
Peeta: Odair he is!

"I'm not bready to have sex with you, Peeta!"
Katniss Everdeen

Peetas bread rising for you :)
Katniss you lucky bitch

Katniss: Enough with the bread jokes Peeta, we knead to be serious here.
Katniss: I'm pregnant
Peeta: You got a bun in the oven?

Katniss: Oh, Hey Peeta
Peeta: Hey Katniss! Hey, could I borrow some money, I'm out of dough.
Katniss: Don't you have a job though?
Peeta: Yes, but my mom won't give me a raise. :'C
Katniss: C'mon Peeta
Peeta: I kneed it!!
Katniss: *sighs and throws him a bit of change*
Peeta: The YEAST you could give me is a dollar bill!
Katniss: *Facepalm*
Peeta: Just call me butter, cuz I'm on a roll! :>
Katniss: Peeta� could you please stop with the bread jo-
Katniss: *walks away*
Peeta: What? I said muffin wrong!

Peeta: I'm a tribute, in this cave that I stay in
peeta: I'm, wanted.
Peeta: I'm wanted, bread or alive.

Katniss: That awkward moment when your husband won't stop making bread jokes.
Peeta: I bread your pardon!

Q: What's Peeta's favorite Pokemon?
A: Rhydon.

Q: What does Peeta want to name his child?
A: Ryelee if it's a girl, Bunjamin if it's a boy.

What is Finnick's favourite game?
Truth Odair!

Q: What does Peeta call his grandmother?
A: Naan.

What was the most watched movie in the Capitol last week?
Peeta Pan.

Q: Why does Peeta love Katniss?
A: She has a great set of buns!

Due to the limited tickets for the midnight showing of the Mockingjay, guests will be chosen at random to fight it out to the DEATH in our lobby.
Theater staff

The Hunger Games is the story of my life.
Every single time, before a test, I say "May the odds be ever in your favor!"
When I see the test, I say "The odds are not in my favor.

When I walk out of the shop,
This is what I see,
Katniss Everdeen is staring at me.
I've got a loaf in my hand,
And I ain't afraid to throw it, throw it, throw it!
I'm Peeta and I know it.

In fifth grade when the teachers gave the girls the puberty talk, I did the three finger salute from the hunger games.

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