Frank Sinatra Jokes

Q: What has broken legs & floats down the river?
A: People who tell Sinatra jokes. 

Q: Why do fanatics say Frank Sinatra isn't dead?
A: Because he's just a little stiff from an overdose of Viagra!

Q: How did Frank Sinatra die?
A: Stranglers in the night! 

Q: What's grey and hairy and won't be worn this Xmas?
A: Old Blue Eye's wig! 

Q: What did the Grim Reaper say to St. Peter before visiting Frank.
A: Hey, I'll make him an offer he can't refuse... 

Q: How did Frank Sinatra punish his kids?
A: No ice in their drinks. 

S1: Frank Sinatra, "Old Blue Eyes," has died...
S2: Frank will now be known as "Old Closed Eyes."

Q: What did Frank Sinatra say when he fell into the sewer?
A: Lotta doo doo!

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