Christina Aguilera Jokes

Q. Why was Christina Aguilera banned from swimming in the ocean?
A. Because she makes the fish stink.

Q. Why do dogs like Christina Aguilera so much?
A. Because she smells like tuna.

Q. How many guyse has Christina Aguilera FUCKED?
A. We don't know no onr has ever been able to count that high.

Q. Why did all the gynecologists kill each other?
A. They were fighting over who has to go near Christina Aguilera's smelly Kootchie.

Q. Why does Christina Aguilera wear hoop earrings?
A. So she has a place to rest her ankles.

Q. What did Christina Aguilera's right leg said to her left leg?
A1. Nothing, they never met.
A2. Between the two of us we could make alot of money.

Q. Why does Christina Aguilera always turn her head when she hears the word whore?
A. She thinks someone is adressing her.

Q. What do Christina Aguilera and a computer have incommon?
A. Both tend do go down on you often.

Q. How is Christina Aguilera like a doornob?
A. Everyone gets a turn.

Q. How is Christina Aguilera like a bicycle?
A. Everyone has ridden her.

Q. What does Christina Aguilera use postage stamps for?
A. Her Brah.

Q. How do you know if Christina Aguilera has been in your refrigerator?
A. By the lipstick on your cucumbers.

Q. What do Christina Aguilera and a screendoor have incommon?
A. The more you bang them the looser they get.

Q. What do Christina Aguilera and railroad tracks have incommon?
A. They've been laid all across the country.

Q. How does Christina Aguilera know when it's time to take a bath?
A. When she does the splits and she sticks to the floor.

Q. Why is Christina Aguilera's hair blonde?
A. Because she is so ugly that dogs piss on her head.

What goes up and down quicker than a lift, Christina Aguilera's Knickers.

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