That Blonde Moment

when you turn the music down in your car when looking for a street sign, so you can see it better.

when you go to use your curling-iron/straightener and realize you didn't even plug it in.

when you forget what your natural hair color is

when you're looking for your phone while it's in your hand

when you realize you're driving around without your lights on at night

when you're scared to enter through a revolving door.

when you think your phone is charging, but really it's not even plugged into the wall.

when you can't remember if a memory you have was real life, or a dream.

when you keep talking after a call is dropped.

when you think someone stole your car because you forgot where you parked.

when you pour conditioner in your hair instead of shampoo.

when you can't remember if you put detergent in the washer so you rewash your clothes

when you're not sure how to spell a word, so you change the whole sentence instead.

when anytime you write Wednesday you mentally say "wed-nes-day".

when you check to make sure it's hairspray you're about to use on your hair instead of perfume or something else

when you manage to lose something that was in your hand 5 minutes ago.

when you have to ask someone what YOLO means...

when everyone is still laughing about a joke you still don't get.

when you pull in to put gas in your car and forget what side it is on and pull on the wrong side.

when you lift your water bottle by the cap and after it spills everywhere.

when you're laying in bed, scrolling through text messages and drop your phone on your face

when you can't remember if you put detergent in the washer so you rewash your clothes.

when you prepare yourself before stepping onto an escalator.

when you ask what comes on a BLT.

When you don't know what your nail lady just said, so you smile & nod hoping it wasn't a question.

when you try to get out of the car with your seatbelt still on.

when you have to take a second to think about if you have makeup on before you rub your eyes.

when you save a file, then have no clue where you saved it to.

when you park too far from the gas pump and the nozzle doesn't reach

when you're watching commercials to a show you've recorded.

when you spend forever digging through your makeup bag trying to find something. Turns out its right in front of you..

when you forget to put a bra on.

when you try to use a big word and it ends up being totally out of context.

when it takes entirely too long for you to find the beginning of the tape roll

when standing infront of a paper towel dispenser waving your hand, only to realize it isn't motion sensitive

when you spell a word right, but it still looks wrong.

when you meow back to your cat.

when you temporarily forget what year it is when writing the date

when you think you're trapped on an escalator because it stopped moving.

when you're staring into your closet for 30 minutes when deciding what to wear.

when you forget what day it is.

when you check the time on your phone... then you check it again because you weren't paying attention the first time.

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