Phone Home Joke

A blonde wanted to make a overseas call to her mother so she went to a worldwide call center (this is old school joke) and stood in line.
When got to the teller she explained to the man "Please Mister, I don't have any money, but I really need to talk to my mom overseas it's really important, please I'll do anything!"
"Anything?" Said the man, "Anything I swear, I really need to talk to my mom."
"Okay come with me." So he takes her to a back room and tells her "Get down on your knees." So she gets down on her knees.
"Unzip my pants." So she unzips his pants.
"Now take it out." So she takes it out, and as she's holding it in her hand, he looks down at her and says "Well?"
And she said "Hello, Mom?"

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