Hitch Hiking Joke

An attractive Russian blonde was hitch hiking. A trucker pulled over and offered her a ride. When the blonde got in the cab, she saw all the CB equipment that the driver had installed. She asked the driver, "What's that?"

The driver explained that it was CB equipment and with it, he could contact anyone in the world. The hiker exclaimed, "Anybody in the world!!?? You mean, you could reach my Mother in Russia with that equipment??"

The driver said that she could and the blonde replied, "Gee, I'd do anything for you if you'd contact my Mother. I really miss her."

So the driver pulled the rig over to the side of the road and proceeded to unzip his pants and haul "it" out.

The Russia blonde looked at "it" for a minute, confused, then leaned over, took "it" in her hand and yelled, "Hello, Mom??"

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