Bus Stop Joke

A man his wife and their 6 children are standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus.
The man sees a blind man with a cane walking up to the bus stop.
The bus arrives and the wife and husband notice that the bus is quiet full so the blind man and the husband ordered the wife to take the children and get on the bus.
The blind man and the husband tell her that they can walk to their next destination.
So the wife and children get on the bus and the bus drives off.
The husband and the blind man start walking.
The husband is annoyed by the tapping of the blind man's stick, so he says to the old man "If you would put a rubber on the end of that stick, it wouldn't make so much noise".
The blind man turns to the young man and says "if you would have put a rubber on the end of your stick, we would have fit on that bus".

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