Yo Mama Sports Jokes

Yo mama so stupid she thought a quarterback was a refund.

Yo momma so dumb she is Ray Rice's new girlfriend.

Yo mama so butch she takes more steroids than A-Rod.

Yo mama so fat that her Polo shirt had a real horse on it.

Yo mama so mean she's the reason the 7th pin in bowling never falls.

Yo mama so butch evern her pool table has no balls.

Yo mama so dumb she thought Tiger Woods was a forest in India

Yo mama so fat people jog around her for exercise

Yo mama so butch, she's the worlds first a one-legged lesbian kick boxer.

Yo mama so butch, she threw the shot-put in high-school.

Yo mama so short she poses for trophies!

Yo mama so stupid when she lost in a breast stroke swimming competition complained that other people were using there arms.

yo mama is so fat instead of swimming with the dolphins she goes out to the ocean and and swims with the whales

Yo mama so butch she's one hell of a knockout.

Yo mama is so dumb, that she went to a clippers game for a haircut.

Yo momma so fat, her favorite baseball team is the Baltimore Oreos.

Yo mama so greasy if Crisco had a football team, she'd be the mascot.

Yo mama so fit her abs belong on the cover of ESPN's Body Issue.

Yo Mama so fat she used the wave pool as a slip-n-slide.

Yo mama so ugly she made a basketball court baseline go sideways.

Yo momma so bald, you can play Air Hockey on her head.

Yo mamma so butch she makes yo daddy ride bitch on her motorcycle.

Yo Mama's so fat, she has to use belts as arm bands.

yo mom so fat she sat in a monster truck and made it a low rider

Yo momma so fat she calls the Atlantic Ocean the "kiddie" pool.

Yo momma so fat she bought a zamboni so she could iron her clothes in the driveway.

Yo mama so short, Derrick Rose stepped on her and tore his Achilles tendon

Yo momma is like a basketball court, guys are constantly banging their balls on her.

Yo momma so fat, she's the President of the International Sumo Federation.

Yo mama so fat, she brought a cereal box to the Super Bowl.

Yo momma so stupid, she thought KFC was the UFC for chickens.

Yo mama so fat, she can devour 50 hot dogs faster than Joey Chestnut.

Yo momma is an expert bowler because she knows how to handle big balls.

Yo momma so stupid that when her friend said "Let's play pool." she went to get her bathing suit.

Yo mama's so short, she can surf on a popsicle stick.

Yo moms so fat she can't legally skydive 'cause the world only needs one Grand Canyon!

Yo mama so fat when she went swimming, The Japanese harpooned her and took her back to Japan to sell her blubber

Yo momma such a tree hugger, her bike has more miles on it than your family car.

yo mama so ugly that when she tried on a Nike shirt it said dont do it

Yo momma is so ugly that when she launched a boomerang it refused to come back.

Yo Mama so short she makes Kim Jong Un look like Dennis Rodman

yo momma is so fat her favorite basketball team is the Denver Nuggets

Yo mama so fat she grinded her roller skates flat

Yo momma so fat and lazy the only pull-ups she does is in the Drive-Thru.

YO momma so fat she wore a polo shirt and the horse ran away

yo mama so fat, at the gym, people use her as a punching bag.

yo mama so fat when she got on a bike and made it a scooter.

Yo mama so hairy she look like she got Buckwheat, Bob Marley and Don King in a headlock.

Yo mama so fat she's a middleweight prostitute

Yo mama so fat, when she goes camping the bears hide their food

Yo mama so fat that she won the hot dog eating contest even though she didn't enter.

You momma so fat even Brock Lesnar couldn't hold her down.

yo mama so fat that the only way she could take a bath is to rent a swimming pool.

Your mama so small she plays rugby with a piece of rice.

your mamma is just like a bowling ball you can stick 3 fingers in her and roll her all about

your mamma's so fat she made the sumo wrestlers look anorexic.

Yo mama so fat, she needs a six piece bikini.

yo momma so dumb she thought dunkin donuts was a basketball team.

Yo mamma so fat, her acupuncturist has to use javelins.

Yo mama so fat she can play pool with the planets.

Yo mama's so fat The international olympic committee have voted unanimously to make running around her a olympic event

Yo Mamma So Fat When She Asked Me To Climb Her, I Had To Pack Oxygen.

yo mama so fat instead of going skinny dipping she goes chunky dunking.

yo mama is so stupid she thought the UFC was a football team.

Yo mamas so fat joggers run around her to get a good workout

yo mama so fat she's the only thing that can stop Usain Bolt from winning a gold medal.

Yo mama so bald that people could ice skate on her head.

Yo mama is like a miniature golf course, everybody putts their balls in her hole(s).

Yo mama so dumb, that she went to Dick's sporting goods expecting to find a new man.

Yo mama so short she can play handball on the curb.

yo mama so fat, people would rather climb her stomach than Mount Everest.

Yo momma so ugly she always wins at Dodgeball because the balls actually dodge her.

Yo momma so fat, John Cena couldn't pick her up.

Yo momma so fat, she uses Jupiter as a basketball

Yo mama so dumb she thought a quarterback was an income tax refund.

Your momma so fat she sat on 2 Sumo wrestlers and got arrested for double homicide

yo mama so stupid she thought KFC was UFC for chickens!

Yo mama so tall that when she ran in the Olympics she just had to take one step to cross the finish line.

Yo mama so short she uses a toothpick as a pool cue.

Yo mama so short she uses a cigarette butt for high jumping

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