Yo Mama So Weird Jokes

Yo mama so weird she picks her nose just to be gross!

Yo momma so weird I asked her if she liked Star Wars and she told me she has a vibrating light saber under her bed!

Yo mama is so weird not even Google could translate her.

Yo momma is so weird, she pretends to have elaborate conversations with herself.

Yo mama so weird, she makes Zooey Deschanel feel normal.

Yo mama so weird, she talks to animals as if they were babies.

Yo mama so weird, she tries to move things with her mind before doing it in real life.

Yo mama so weird, when playing Monopoly, before passing go, she stops and looks both ways.

Yo mama so weird, she worries about the FBI listening in on her conversations.

Yo mamma so weird, she pretends to talk in different accents for no good reason.

Yo mama so weird, she has practiced her evil laugh to perfection.

Yo momma so weird, nobody gets her humor not even her.

Yo mama so weird, she doesn't think Stranger Things is very strange at all.

The only thing weirder than yo momma is her dance moves.

Yo mama so weird everyone wishes she was more self conscious.

Yo momma so weird nobody thinks they can cure her awkwardness.

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