Yo Mama So Thick Jokes

Yo Mamma So thick that when I slap her thighs I be ridin the waves.

Yo momma thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

Yo momma look like a bottle of maple syrup.......THICK.

Yo mama so thick she has more curves than a race track.

Yo Mama's so thick, it took Thanos two snaps to kill her.

Yo mama so thick she sets off car alarms when she runs.

Yo momma thicker than the bible....and I wanna read all her pages.

Yo mama so thick that when she took a semi-naked selfie, Instagram crashed.

Yo mama so thick they found carmen san diego in between her thighs.

Yo momma so thick, her body curves space and time.

Yo momma's so thick, her Lee's jean size is bigger than the Lee population of Asia.

yo mama so thick her curves need separate zipcodes.

Yo mamma so ridiculous she is ridiculously thick.

Yo mama so thick, she wears "Hammer Pants" as skinny jeans

Yo Mama is so thick her high school senior photo was a double page spread.

Yo mama so thick, when she auditioned for star trek she bent the space time continuum

Yo momma so thick, her initials are BBW.

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