Funny Fantasy Soccer Team Names

Neymar Mr. Nice Guy

How I Met Your Mata

I Smell PuNani

Man Chest Hair United

Puyol Pants Down

Chuck Norwich

White on Reus

In Good Kompany

Krul Intentions

Sons of Pitches

Penalty Box Heroes

Murder on Zidane's Floor

The Big Lewandowski

Robben The Cradle

Kaka and Balls

Moves like agger

Your Rooney My Life


Beckham Comes In A Posh Box

Barenaked Lades

Swedish Meatballs

Scouting For Goals

Give Me Back Micah


Mad Hattrickers

It's Gonna Get Messi

Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels

Chicken Fried Reus

Right Said Fred

Man Chest Hair City

Robben You Blind

Haven't Got A Kalou

Borussia Teeth

Bacarys Not Included

Slumdog Mignolet

Game Of Throw-Ins

Dukes of Hazard

Klose, But No Cigar

Petr Cech Yourself

Kroos Control

Red Bull & Vodka

Do you think he Casillas

Multiple Scorgasms

Utterly Fabregasted

Go Borussia Shoulders Off

99 Problems, but a Pitch ain't 1

You're gonna Neymar goals

For Women

Fifty Shades of O'Shea

Nani Cam

Sturridge Wars

2 Goals 1 Cup

Lovers Not Biters

Leave My Arse-elona!

Nani Mcphee

Multiple Scorgasms

Sporting Lesbian

Pleased to Michu

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