Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names

Tiger in the Woods

Dustin off my Johnson

Birdie is the Wordie

2 Balls 1 Cup

My Spieth Impediment

Back to the Kuchar 3

The Walking Fred Couples

Everyday I'm Schauffele

Sporting Wood

Lefties R Us

Slice Slice Baby

Putt It In My Hole

Fairway to Heaven

Meet the Fowlers

Roarin McIlroy

That's All Finau

Dust My Johnson

Hack Attack

Shanky McShankface



Major Weiners

Rappers Delaet

Bo Knows Golf

Shanks on a Plane

No Spieth Limit

Black Eye of the Tiger

Jason seizes the Day

Eagles R Us

That's A Gimme

Fist Pumpin'

Augusta Nationals

Snappy Hookers

Shanks for Nothin'

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